Love Triangle - 3 Hop Series

3 hop ipa

Some IPAs are made with a single hop, so you can taste it, but hops are best when combined to enhance flavours. This series of beers put three hops together to bring out their best. We will be using a new combination of  3 hops for every brew. 

 Batch 1:  Calypso, Chinook, & Columbus 

Batch 2: Jarrylo, Pacific Gem & Ahtanum 6%

Batch 3: Ahtanum, Cascade & Centennial 6%

Batch 4: Cascade, Centennial & Columbus 6%

Batch 5: Amarillo, Columbus & Simcoe 6%


ABV: 6%
IBU: 40
Key Ingredients: 

Availability: couple times a year. 
Glass Size: 16 oz

Fun fact: Different combination of 3 hops every batch