Brew Talks- Tour & Tastings

Brew talks are on hiatus until further notice.

It’s been a busy two years since we first opened our doors here at the Indie Alehouse. And ever since that first day we’ve been receiving the same question, can we have a tour. Today, we are happy to have the answer we have always wanted to give: we would like to invite you into our brewery.

 Starting on February 3, we will be offering Tuesday night sessions in the brewery, where you’ll have a chance to chat with the brewers, taste our beer, and get a glimpse into our cozy—if you’ve been here, you know that’s an understatement—brewing space.

 Spots at this tasting are $25 and will include a five-sample flight, a snack concocted by our excellent chefs for each week, a tour of our facilities, a chance learn about the beer making process and our history from our brewery staff.

 Sessions start at 6:30 and run for one hour. There is a minimum of 4 people required to run a session (separate groups will be combined).

To make your booking contact us at; you will receive a confirmation email with in 48 hours. A second confirmation email will be sent once the session reaches its minimum, or if not, a cancellation notice 24 hours in advance.