Indie Alehouse 2015 Growler Club

Indie Alehouse 2015 Growler Club Memberships are available now!


How does it work?


The Growler Club allows you to have access to all our taps. As member you receive a 2015 custom growler that you can bring in to our retail store and fill it with anything that is made on site and available on tap and get a discount on a selection of our beers that are around regularly, if you are a regular or want to be, this is a good buy.


Who is the growler club for? 


Everyone! (As long as you are 19 or over.)  But really, the growler club is best suited to people who are craft beer lovers, frequent Indie Alehouse, live in the neighborhood, want access to unique and rare beers, are tired of the beer store and/or want to support the little guys!


Only 150 memberships available! Here are all of the details…

Indie Alehouse Growler Club 2015


The 2015 edition of the Indie Alehouse Growler Club is on sale now for $150 and includes:


·      Membership from time of purchase until Dec 31st, 2015

·      A 2015 edition 64 oz (1.95L) Stainless Steel Growler

·      A fill of your Growler for $15 ($5 off regular price) of the following beers if they are available:

o   Instigator IPA, Barnyard IPA, Breakfast Porter, Broken Hipster Belgian Wit

o   A selection of rotating seasonal beers of the month – available to members only

·      As a member you are also allowed to fill any of the beers we make that are on tap.* Fill of these other beers on tap ranges from  $18-24 depending on abv % / specialty - A list of what is available and prices will be in retail and very soon, in an email to members who choose to receive it






·      We have hired a full time retail manager, Dervla, and she will be sending out a monthly news letter to anyone who opts in, with advance notice for members on new beers and events

·      Please allow 10-15 min for your growler to be properly cleaned and filled. We appreciate your patience

·      We are offering our “Growler” t-shirt to members during the pre-sell for $20 – while supplies last!


The Fine Print:


“*Anytime Fill” excludes hours the store is closed, when we don’t have enough of a specific beer to fill a growler and some rare beers that are only made in 1 or 2 keg pilot batches.


You may only purchase beer to go that has been made on site at the Indie Alehouse. Guest taps and some collaboration beers are not permitted for sale by law.


The 2014 growlers will no longer be filled come 2015. As of Jan 1, 2015 they are retired.


Your discount only applies to filling your growler, not multiple growler purchases or bottles.


You are 100% responsible for the growler once you leave our store. If you lose it, break it etc – we will not be able to replace it.


Memberships are not transferable or refundable

You must be of legal drinking age and meet all legal guidelines to purchase alcohol (i.e. we wont serve you if you come in intoxicated…).





2015 Indie Alehouse Growler Club Member









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I have read and understand the 2015 Growler club rules and agree with the terms.



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