Growler Club 2016

Indie Alehouse Growler Club 2016


Each year we try to improve the Indie Alehouse Growler Club and this year the 2016 edition is the best yet. This year we have partnered with MiiR growlers,

On sale now for $150 and includes:


1.     Growler, membership, free first fill

2.     This year each Growler Club purchase includes a donation through a partnership with the manufacturer MiiR to give clean water to a person in need for one year. You can track the donation on-line to see the impact.

3.     Refills with any of our beers made on site (legal reasons) for $15 for regular beers or $20 for high alcohol or rare beers (cockpuncher, zombie appocalypse, glory etc). *Some barrel-aged beers may not always be available for growler club if volumes on hand are too low.

4.     You have the option to give us your email and receive monthly updates on new beer releases, pre-sale for tickets to events and exclusive or advance notice as a member so you never miss a new beer or your favourite beer when it goes on tap.


Things to know:


·       Drink your beer fresh. It is not a time capsule.

·       Bring your Growler back CLEAN, we will rinse it but may not have time to clean it. Just soak it in warm/hot water after use. That easy

·       This growler club membership expires on Dec 31st, 2016


The Fine Print:


“*Anytime Fill” excludes hours the store is closed, when we don’t have enough of a specific beer to fill a growler and some rare beers that are only made in 1 or 2 keg pilot batches.


You may only purchase beer to go that has been made on site at the Indie Alehouse. Guest taps and some collaboration beers are not permitted for sale by law.


The 2015 growlers will no longer be filled come 2016. As of Jan 1, 2016 they are retired.


Your discount only applies to filling your growler, not multiple growler purchases or bottles.


You are 100% responsible for the growler once you leave our store. If you lose it, break it etc – we will not be able to replace it.


Memberships are not transferable or refundable

You must be of legal drinking age and meet all legal guidelines to purchase alcohol (i.e. we wont serve you if you come in intoxicated, after hours etc…).