Happy Birthday To Us - 3 Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Us! 

On Sunday October 4th it will have been 3 years since we first opened our doors in the Junction, and its been great!*

To celebrate we are releasing the first beer in a new series we call;

The Fates and Furies.

These beers are not just your “ordinary amazing craft beers", Fates and Furies beers come from our experimental brewing program. Featuring wild yeasts, barrel aging, blending, and unusual ingredients these beers are made by turning over some control of the process to the Fates. It takes longer to develop a finished product this way, but can result in a beer like no other.

The first beer in the Fates and Furies series is GRENDEL’S REVENGE, a hybrid blend of an English Old Ale and a Flanders Sour Brown Ale. The beer is made with our house strain of wild yeast and bacteria, aged in Port, Madeira and Red wine barrels from 1 to 3 years. Different vintages of the beers are blended to achieve the desired mix of flavours; the deep tobacco and rich leather notes from the barrels, the tart and funky from the house strain of wild yeast, big in body and slightly sweet from the malt. This is a big, complex beer for lovers of Flanders style ales.

We’ve gone all out with the packaging as well. The beer is in a hand-made 750ml Italian champagne bottle, decorated with artwork from celebrated local artist Dave Murray. Only 500 bottles are available, suitable for aging until our next birthday or for immediate consumption. Either way, you should plan on sharing this beer with thirsty beer loving friends.

The Details... 

This beer goes on sale Friday October 2nd at 5:00 PM and will be available while supplies last.

Price - $12.50 (including tax) Plus a $2.50 deposit, we really want the bottles back!

Limit - 4/person 

* - It has been great, but we can’t believe it has been three years!