Indie Boat Hop

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It's Back! Sunday August 19th. - The 4th edition of the Indie Boat Hop.

We will be aboard the Empire Sandy again this year sailing around Lake Ontario for 3 hours each session, enjoying some of the greatest beer Ontario has to offer.

Session 1 - 12:30PM Boarding, 1:00 PM Set Sail, 4:00PM Disembark

Session 2 - 5:30 Boarding, 6:00 PM Set Sail, 9:00 PM Disembark

We're dividing the beer evenly, so not to worry if you are on the evening cruise, you will get the same beer as the first cruise!

What does the $45 get you? A 3 hour cruise around Lake Ontario, a souvenir mug to enjoy the beer with and a drink ticket.

If you happen to get hungry while on board there will be food for purchase.

Please specify at check out if you are a vegetarian, we want to ensure we have enough portions on board.

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  • This is a 19+ event no minors will be allowed on the boat
  • tickets are Non Refundable
  • Only Cash will be accepted on the boat.

Summer Brews

We seemed to have blown through spring and jumped right into Summer weather! So here is a list of Indie’s Summer beers coming up!




Session IPA 5%

This low ABV IPA pours a bright hazy yellow. Made with Citra, Calypso & Ekuanot hops it packs a bitter punch along with a light body & hint of citrus.
Available in the bottle shop & on tap now.



Blood Orange Imperial Wit 7.5%

Half the batch aged a year in a Tequila Barrel, half aged a year in a Cognac barrel and then blended. Tart, boozy
This year we added a lot more Blood orange giving the beer a deeper red hue. 
Bottles of Sunkicked will be available in the bottle shop Friday, June 1st!
Sunkicked is apart of the Indie Alehouse's Fates & Furies Series.



American Farmhouse Ale 5%

Using a blend of fruity yeasts and Brettanomyces, this farmhouse ale has a generous amount of delicious late addition new world hops contributing to a tropical aroma.
Everyone deserves a Goldstar!
Goldstar will be available in store in the first half of June 2018.

Lemonade Stand Sour  - Artwork by Alexy Berezov copy.jpg

Lemonade Stand

Dry-hopped Lemon & Lactose Sour 5%

This beer has already hit the shelves of the bottle shop once this year and flew out the door fast.
Look for the Lemonade stand in the second week of June and more versions of it all Summer, while supplies last.
Watch our social media for an exact date.


Upcoming Summer Events

Watch for details regarding the events below.



The Fates & Furies series of Indie Alehouse beers are a collection of wild fermented, barrel aged, funky and sour beers. Some beers are made with a brewmaster trying to control every stage of production to produce the exact same beer every time.

But there also exists another kind of beer...something very different.

The Fates & Furies beers are made with older techniques that produce amazing untraditional results. Using wild yeast, bacteria and unpredictable varietals like barrel aging and fresh fruits, these beers taste like no other common beer, and we're very happy about that.

Canning Day!


We had our friends from Sessions Craft Canning stop by on Monday to help us package 3 different brands in cans!


Now as things tend to go... this was our back up day. Originally we were going to can one week earlier but due to problems with the labels we had to postpone a week. We were also supposed to can 4 brands but because of delays (not related to drinking beer...) we were only able to can 3 of the 4 brands we had planned. So we have 3 brands available now, and lucky us, we get to do it all over again next week! Bring on another day of Canning!

A lot of people have asked why we didn't announce the release before the day of. To which we say see above.

Here are some photos of our day!

 Artwork by Jason Fisher/ Jon Todd Label design by Dave Murray ( )

Artwork by Jason Fisher/ Jon Todd
Label design by Dave Murray (

 Last Year we brewed & packaged Crack a Window at Sawdust City, and they made the label without showing us until it was released. This year we did the same!  Artwork by Danny Williams ( /)

Last Year we brewed & packaged Crack a Window at Sawdust City, and they made the label without showing us until it was released. This year we did the same!

Artwork by Danny Williams (

 Artwork & label design by Dave Murray ( /)

Artwork & label design by Dave Murray (

Cockpuncher Day!


It's almost here!

It’s almost Cockpuncher day at the Indie Alehouse! Yesterday we bottled only 800 bottles of Cockpuncher, which will be released on Wednesday at 5:00 in our bottle shop.

This is one of our favourite days at Indie. For the last 28 days we have had this beer in the tank; fermenting, aging, dry hopping, and maturing into something bold and awesome. During these agonizing 4 weeks, we get to taste it as it evolves along its journey into the bottle. Now for one more day we get to keep it to ourselves, while we bottle, label and ‘sample’ just one more time to make sure it’s perfect before it goes on sale. Such dedication of the brewing staff is inspiring…

But the best part of Cockpuncher release day is we get to meet all kinds of un-apologetic ‘hop-heads’ who come to the Indie Alehouse to enjoy this beer. Because it’s a beer that needs to be consumed FAST to enjoy it at its best (not on the way home fast, but once you get home fast), people are excited to get it, go home and drink it. With other major beer releases, you are likely getting a beer to age, mature and enjoy in the future – but with IPAs, fresh is best – so the excitement level is different, and ‘hop-heads’ are different too.

Generally not concerned with what other people think, hop-heads are indifferent to the multitude who complain many IPAs are too bitter, and ‘why can’t we just make a nice Amber ale or a clean Pilsner to traditional styles…” etc. No, hop-heads don’t care that “on trend” beers might be Pilsners or session beers, we like hops, and plenty of them.
While we make many different ‘styles’ of beers at Indie, the big, hoppy IPAs will always have a place here, and Cockpuncher will be top of the heap.