Cockpuncher Day!


It's almost here!

It’s almost Cockpuncher day at the Indie Alehouse! Yesterday we bottled only 800 bottles of Cockpuncher, which will be released on Wednesday at 5:00 in our bottle shop.

This is one of our favourite days at Indie. For the last 28 days we have had this beer in the tank; fermenting, aging, dry hopping, and maturing into something bold and awesome. During these agonizing 4 weeks, we get to taste it as it evolves along its journey into the bottle. Now for one more day we get to keep it to ourselves, while we bottle, label and ‘sample’ just one more time to make sure it’s perfect before it goes on sale. Such dedication of the brewing staff is inspiring…

But the best part of Cockpuncher release day is we get to meet all kinds of un-apologetic ‘hop-heads’ who come to the Indie Alehouse to enjoy this beer. Because it’s a beer that needs to be consumed FAST to enjoy it at its best (not on the way home fast, but once you get home fast), people are excited to get it, go home and drink it. With other major beer releases, you are likely getting a beer to age, mature and enjoy in the future – but with IPAs, fresh is best – so the excitement level is different, and ‘hop-heads’ are different too.

Generally not concerned with what other people think, hop-heads are indifferent to the multitude who complain many IPAs are too bitter, and ‘why can’t we just make a nice Amber ale or a clean Pilsner to traditional styles…” etc. No, hop-heads don’t care that “on trend” beers might be Pilsners or session beers, we like hops, and plenty of them.
While we make many different ‘styles’ of beers at Indie, the big, hoppy IPAs will always have a place here, and Cockpuncher will be top of the heap.